Time To Loop

The Duo Kaos presents us with a contemporary circus show in which movement, elegance and bicycle acrobatics come together in a perfect gear to get us excited.

Time to loop it is a history of movement, transformation and love, where building and destroying are part of the same gear and every character, in his way, seeks support and its complementary to restore chaos to harmony. All this is a synchronous game, because balance is a constant that takes you outside your own borders, a breaking down and reassembling the possibilities of grip, connection and detachment necessary to initiate a new action. With lightness of mind and romantic momentum both characters begin to understand that one cannot replace the other but that together they can create the perfect loop.

  • 1st Prize Orangobando C.IT.A 2015
  • 1st Prize Winner of the Jury 17 International Small Art Festival 2016
  • PIC PoeticInvasion Winner “The Road” Bremen 2018