(Beyond the visible)

In nature there is an imaginary and moving line that marks the boundary between visible and invisible, noise and silence, earth and universe: it is the horizon line where infinity and eternity collide, where you can feel the immensity by touching the void with your eyes. In Horizonte (beyond the visible) that border is made more permeable by the two figures that, now as shadows now in flesh and blood, reside them. As if leafing through a fabulous atlas, the scenes follow one another in squares: each page is populated by magical and ancestral figures that move linked to objects that are protuberances of the bodies themselves. The circle and the wheel are symbols that return recalling an imaginary that, between visual and performing arts, keeps track of the artistic past of the Duo Kaos. The language and techniques of the circus make dance even more dreamlike by letting the bodies, suspended in a primeval darkness, float in the air. And you fall like in a dream where the stones become satellites and bodies, united, mysterious mythological figures that move between earth and sky, between soul and body.